No Surrender Book by Chris Edmonds


Spanning seven decades and linking a sprawling cast of heroes from every corner of the country, No Surrender is an unforgettable story of a father’s extraordinary acts of valor in the treacherous final days of World War II and a son’s journey to discover them.


The Christopher Awards were created in 1949 to celebrate writers, producers, directors, authors, and illustrators whose work “affirms the highest values of the human spirit” and reflects the Christopher motto, “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.” Chris Edmonds reveals his father Roddie’s untold story of courage, which saved the lives of hundreds of American soldiers being held in a Nazi POW camp during World War II, in No Surrender (HarperOne/Harper Collins), written with Douglas Century.

2020 Christopher Award Recipient Tony Rossi

Only after my father died did I learn what he and his buddies had done on Iwo Jima. After his fathers’ death, Chris Edmonds journeyed across the US and to Germany to discover his father’s heroic past. No Surrender is a quintessential American story of bravery, compassion, and righteousness told by an admiring son.

JAMES BRADLEY, New York Times bestselling author of Flags of Our Fathers

Roddie Edmonds is a hero for our age—or any age. His story of principled defiance in the face of evil is an inspiration and a challenge. In No Surrender, Chris Edmonds and Douglas Century have given us the one righteous man whose goodness spares us all.

MITCHELL ZUCKOFF, New York Times bestselling author of Fall and Rise: The Story of 9/11

A you-are-there portrait of the horrors of war and the incredible effect one selfless person can have on hundreds.


About the Book

Like most members of the Greatest Generation, Roddie Edmonds, a humble American soldier from East Tennessee, rarely spoke about his experiences during World War II. Not even his son Chris—who always considered his father a hero—knew the full details of Roddie’s capture at the Battle of the Bulge or his captivity at Stalag IXA, a Nazi POW camp. But when Chris’s daughter was assigned a family history project, Chris reread Roddie’s wartime diaries, which set in motion a series of life-changing events.

Called to learn his father’s story with a renewed sense of passion and purpose, Chris embarked on a years-long journey, interviewing surviving POWs under Roddie’s command, and retracing his father’s footsteps, from Fort Jackson, Georgia, where a boyish Roddie transformed into a seasoned leader of men, to the patch of grass near Zeigenhein, Germany, where he stared evil in the eye and dared a Nazi to shoot.

Chris Edmonds, along with New York Times bestselling author Douglas Century, takes us to the front lines of this inspiring multigenerational story, revealing in gripping, novelistic detail Roddie’s previously untold heroism—and the lasting effects his bravery had on the lives of thousands, then and now. “What was most remarkable about my journey to discover what my father did during the war,” Chris writes, “was the realization that any one of us has the untapped potential to do something incredibly courageous. We all have the potential to change the world simply by standing up for what’s right.”

A quintessential American story of bravery, compassion, and righteousness, No Surrender is a shining example of the transformative and redemptive power of moral courage and a celebration of faith, family, and service, the very characteristics that continue to define us today.

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About the Authors

Chris Edmonds (top) is senior pastor of Piney Grove Baptist Church in Maryville, Tennessee, and chief executive officer of Roddie’s Code, LLC, and the Roddie Edmonds Foundation. Edmonds holds a degree in human resources from the University of Tennessee and a master’s degree from Liberty University. He also teaches leadership development to military leaders. Edmonds is convinced that an ordinary life lived well is extraordinary, even heroic. His father’s unforgettable story is helping him enlist an army of ordinary people to live by Roddie’s Code: choose goodness, oppose hate, dignify life, and express love to all. He and his wife, Regina, live in Maryville, near their daughters and grandchildren.


Douglas Century (bottom) is an author, journalist, and screenwriter. Co-author of Hunting El Chapo (Harper, 2018), he also co-authored several New York Times bestsellers, including Under and Alone (Random House, 2005) and Takedown: The Fall of the Last Mafia Empire (G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 2002), a finalist for the 2003 Edgar Award in the category of Best Nonfiction Crime Book. He also co-authored If Not Now, When? Duty and Sacrifice In America’s Time of Need (Berkely, 2008), which won the 2010 Colby Award. A veteran investigative journalist, Century is a contributing editor at Tablet magazine and writes regularly for Billboard and The New York Times. He lives in New York City.

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